Garden Pearls Selckspark Parks on the Schwale Neumünster

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The first step was to draw up a development concept for the gardens and parks along the Schwale from Brachenfelder Gehölz to Neumünster city centre. With the aim of creating a green string of pearls along the Schwale, the concept is the basis for the redesign of individual green spaces. The prelude in the city centre is the promenade at the pond, followed by the parks Klosterinsel, Villa Köster and Rencks Park. Max-Roer-Platz is then the transition to Selcks Park and Neuen-Schwale-Park. A new bridge over the Schwale ties the Gerisch Skulturenpark and the landscape space Brachenfelder Gehölz into the string of pearls.

The individual identity of the individual green spaces, which has grown over a long period of time, has been worked out in the implementation, but at the same time the individual pearls can be experienced as a unit through common design elements such as the formation of the paths and the furniture.

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Planning offices

TGP Landschaftsarchitekten

Project period
2010 - 2012

25.000 m2

Stadt Neumünster



Project type
Parks and green spaces