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© 2008  Elke Berger Patriarch Piazza 

© 2008  Elke Berger Campus Master Plan 

© 2008  Elke Berger Gartenansicht 

© 2008  Elke Berger Entry Promenade 

© 2008  Elke Berger Entry Promenade 

© 2007  Elke Berger Olive Court 

© 2007  Elke Berger Olive Court 

© 2007  Nizam Khouri Waterwall 

© 2007  Elke Berger Waterwall 

University of Balamand Patriarch Piazza

The current work for the Lebanese Campus is based on a successful cooperation over a number of years. All projects prior to the Patriarch Piazza have been developed by Sasaki Associates, with Elke Berger as the lead landscape architect. In June 2008 the design of a representative piazza in honor of the founder of the university, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, became the first commission for newly founded studioB.
The piazza is located at a pivotal point within the campus land:
here the recently implemented Entry Promenade of the academic campus core projects into a sequence of ancient olive terraces, built and maintained for centuries by the Balamand monastery.
The piazza is designed to act as a link between the spirit of the globally connected, outgoing and contemporary campus with its ancient rural and agri-cultural roots.


Berger, Dipl.-Ing., Elke

80339 München


2008 - 2008

Auftraggeber • Bauherr
University of Balamand



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