111 Years Landscape architecture

A journey through the history of landscape architecture in Germany: 111 projects from 111 years, key events, highlights and milestones.

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To mark the 100th anniversary of the bdla in 2013, an intensive review of the history of the profession was carried out. Countless examples of the work of landscape architects between 1913 and 2013 were compiled within the association. With no claim to scientific completeness, but with a great deal of expertise and remarkable voluntary commitment, the curators Stefanie Hennecke, Inga Hahn, Karl Ludwig, Martin Prominski, Johannes Schwarzkopf and Kai Tobias selected important projects, events and developments under the leadership of initiator Almut Jirku.

To mark the bdla's 111th birthday in 2024, the content of the exhibition was updated under the direction of Almut Jirku, Petra Schoelkopf and Franz Reschke with the support of Lisa Babett Diedrich, Martin Prominski, Gudrun Rentsch and Johannes Schwarzkopf. The website presents itself with a new design and technically reorganised as an independent component of the successful association website "Landscape Architecture Today".

A total of 60 authors took on the challenge of presenting the selected projects and events in a way that was not only technically sound but also appealing to the general public. The introductory epoch texts were written by Dr. Peter Fiebich, Jun. Prof. Dr. Lars Hopstock, Almut Jirku, Karl Ludwig, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schwarzkopf and Axel Zutz.

Thanks to this voluntary commitment, the result is a compact compendium of landscape architecture from all different perspectives that is unparalleled, and not only on the Internet.

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For 111 years now, the Association of German Landscape Architects bdla has seen itself as a mouthpiece for self-employed, employed and civil servant landscape architects and young professionals. The association carries out public relations work for the profession, represents its interests and positions vis-à-vis politics, administration and business and also addresses the general public with information on building culture.

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