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Prof. Dipl. Ing. Ulrike Böhm, Prof. Dipl. Ing. Katja Benfer, Dr. Ing. Cyrus Zahiri

Warschauerstraße 57
10243 Berlin

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Design interventions serve to enrich the spatial quality of the environment. They combine the functional with the contemplative, the ordinary with the special. They give rise to spaces that are on the one hand characteristic and tangible, and on the other hand offer a variety of possibilities for experience and appropriation.

Our design ideas arise with reference to the respective context. To this end, we try to use creative means as restrained and targeted as possible.


We are of the opinion that landscape architectural, urban planning and architectural views are mutually dependent and complementary. We understand them as equal conceptual components.

Contexts away from the historic centre

Away from the historic town centre, open spaces are often part of a jigsaw puzzle of fields with a wide variety of characteristics and uses: Allotments, brownfield sites, infrastructure routes, settlement islands, ... The essential spatial characteristics of these fields include a weakly developed reference to each other and the formation of borders that are not very permeable.

Landscape architectural interventions can be used here to order and clarify. They allow a specification and strengthening of contextual characteristics. This includes the completion of spatial fragments as well as the qualification of boundaries.


The main focus of our work are designs and plans for public open spaces in all scales. This includes parks, green corridors, city squares as well as urban planning concepts.

The office undertakes planning services in the fields of landscape architecture, urban planning and architecture and regularly participates in competitions.