FREIRÄUME Dresden Planning office for green space urban space participation

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FREIRÄUME Planungsbüro für Grünraum Stadtraum Partizipation

Dipl.-Ing. Sigrid Böttcher-Steeb

Bischofsweg 38
01099 Dresden

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Contact information

Tel. (0351)  6588708

F R E I R Ä U M E ...

... P L A N E N
-User-oriented open spaces, outdoor facilities for old and young, play spaces
-Gardens, residential environment, urban open spaces, artistic open spaces
... M O D E R I E R E N
-Planning processes with user participation
-Participation projects through project management and public relations
... R E A L I S I E R E N
-Coordinated construction actions with users and residents
-Construction projects from performance phase 1 to 9
Educational spaces and open spaces for children: kindergarten school school grounds playroom playground schoolyard
Private open spaces: Garden Courtyard Gardens Green Roofs Facade Greening Community Garden
Public and Semi-Public Open Spaces: Town Square Forecourt Church Church Square Park Green Space Facilities
Sustainability: Natural Natural Experience Spaces Rainwater Infiltration Recycling Native Species Climate
With the People: Citizen participation Planning workshop Planning cafe Seminar Democracy