Dalhaus & Engelmayer Garden and landscape architects

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Dalhaus & Engelmayer GbR

Markus Dalhaus, Klaus Engelmayer

Elbestraße 8
53919 Weilerswist

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Tel. (02254)  96990
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For us, planning means dealing with the different forms of our nature and constantly reformulating its relationship to man - as part of urban culture or as a new interpretation of the landscape.
Fire, air, earth, water:
The interplay of the elements forms the basis for the design of our landscapes, from their polarizing properties we let liveliness, tension and flowing movement arise. The human being is the focus of our work: we want to make the quality of life and living as well as the experience of open spaces tangible. We achieve this emotional effect through creative skill combined with experienced and well-founded engineering. We understand our responsibility for the preservation of our natural basis of life - for an aesthetic and liveable environment.