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Glück Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

Michael Glück | Malte Rappmann

Ludwigstraße 57
70176 Stuttgart

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Tel. (0711)  674 345. 0
Fax (0711)  674 345. 29


Perceiving the situation
experiencing the place
recognising the potentials
showing the opportunities
integrating the requirements and developing the place from them
is the approach to our work.

In addressing the tasks, it is our intention to give expression to the places, to strengthen them and to work out their identity. We see our essential task as developing places of substance and value, enhancing their significance for all users and ensuring sustainable planning. Formal and creative expression is just as important to us as the functional and conceptual basis of any design.
We work on the diverse and broad spectrum of open space design. This includes projects at all scales - from small private gardens to the development of large campus sites. A major area of our work is public space planning. In addition to plaza designs, the redevelopment and redesign of inner city areas or town centres, we plan parks and other green spaces, either new or redesigned. The urban context is of great importance and an integral part of every task. The continuous processing of competitions is a constant inspiration and an essential contribution to the further development of the office. A large number of projects that we work on in the office have been the result of competition successes.


Rebekka Bran, Matthias Erlen, Katja Hochmuth, Dongmyeong Im, Alexander Kosares, Iris Kulay, Louisa Pilz, Jasmin Schuster, Sabrina Sparn, Juliane Trebess