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Landschaftsarchitektin Plan-Blatt

Dipl.-Ing. Yvonne Göckemeyer

Karlstr. 28
51379 Leverkusen-Opladen

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Tel. (02171)  404807

Forward-looking architecture deserves appropriate outdoor facilities - company gardens, playgrounds, residential complexes, etc.
Nature finds space in your garden - (partial) redesign of your garden
Your garden dream becomes a dream garden - (first-time) redesign of your garden

In addition, there are:
Land-use planning - environmental report, balancing, landscape conservation plans, landscape assessment of masts - electricity, mobile phone, wind
Safety inspection of playgrounds - qualified playground inspector according to DIN 79161
Natural rainwater management - green roofs, permeable pavements, cistern calculation, infiltration applications, flood proof and more.a.
Participation processes - Qualified moderator for participation of children and young people

Why a planning?

Creation of your very personal garden by:
- Consideration of your wishes, ideas, etc.
- Integration of the necessary things for your everyday use
- Inclusion of your very personal knowledge

These things related to you come together with my design approaches:
User-oriented - ecologically high-quality - innovative - affordable

Partners & Network

Kooperationspartnerin bei Pässler, Sundermann + Partner, Architekten und Stadtplaner
Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Girzalsky + Göckemeyer mit dem Hochbauarchitekt Peter Girzalsky, Bonn
Mitgliedschaft in folgenden Berufsverbänden/Netzwerken: Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten bdla, Architektenkammer NRW, Bundesverband Gebäudegrün BuGG, Ökobau Rheinland, Zukunft Bauen NRW