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Karl F. Grohs

Rosenstraße 26
40479 Düsseldorf

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With over 45 years of profound professional experience, Karl F. Grohs has been working independently as a trend-setting landscape architect in the field of ecological planning and golf course architecture since his diploma at the TU Hannover. From 1976 to 1994 he worked together with R. Dröge and R. Preissmann as the "Ecology and Planning Group". Karl F. Grohs is also co-founder of the "Deutsche Golf Consult (DGC, 1978-2004) under which 260 golf courses were conceived and designed.

Karl F. Grohs has earned an excellent reputation as a designer of prestigious golf courses. Among the best known projects are: TPC Golf Course Gut Kaden/Hamburg (27 holes), Golf Resort Bitburger Land (18 holes), GC Baden-Baden (18 holes), GC Lübeck-Travemünde (27 holes), GC Gütermann Gutach (9 holes), GC Mannheim-Viernheim (18 holes), GC Castrop-Rauxel (27 holes), GC Mülheim an der Ruhr (18 holes) as well as three of the "Leading Golf Courses" in Germany GC Konstanz (18 holes), GC Bad Neuenahr (18 holes) and GC Würzburg (18 holes).

Many of his projects have been awarded international prizes or have won in design competitions. In addition, Karl F. Grohs is the author of numerous German-language books and articles on golf course design.

A milestone for the future is the agreement with the office of Andreas Kipar (KLA kiparlandschaftsarchitekten). Major projects in Germany are managed by Karl F. Grohs as Senior Advisor; all resort and leisure projects acquired abroad are implemented in close cooperation with the office in Milan.

Focal areas of activity are:
- Golf course architecture
- Landscape architecture

Golf course architecture:
You can't just build a good golf course, you first have to find it in the respective landscape. Because it is already there, in the landscape. With a lot of experience, intuition and creativity, every single hole is searched for, the playfulness of the terrain is understood and worked out.
For us, golf course architecture is not simply design, but a holistic task of high complexity. It combines the demands of golfing strategy and challenge, as well as nature and landscape aesthetics with ecological and economic factors. The result is always an individual, unique and lively golf course.
With an experience of more than 280 golf projects, creativity and intuition, we search for each individual course. In doing so, we stage natural topography as artfully as sensitively and create lively courses with long-term potential. Close personal support for each client is as much a matter of course in golf course architecture as absolute budget loyalty.

Landscape Architecture:
In the centuries-old process of landscape architecture, it has always been about optimizing the found landscape and uniting it with the demands of people. Today a lasting planning is thereby also politically demanded - for us a matter of course.
A sensitive handling with spatial and material resources is highest maxim of our activity, just like the sensitive recognizing and understanding of the requirements of humans, who are subject to a change, to populate and daily again experience the planned areas.

With the subitems:

- Urban development and green spaces:
Already 1977 was trend-setting in the office "ecology and planning" under direction of Karl F. Grohs a progressive ecologically oriented planning approach was the basis of an innovative cooperation with urban planning offices such as Kuhn-Boskamp-pp, Professor Volkamer, Dr. Ammann-Dejozé and RKW - to name the most important long-term cooperations.
In cooperation with the office KIPAR LAND, Milan / Duisburg and others, these approaches also represent an important field of development in the international leisure sector.

- Parks:
The planning and creation of parks is a particularly exciting task for us. At the beginning there is the client. His feeling for landscape, his fascination with it, it is important for us to recognize and sensitively define. We bring these wishes into harmony with natural and design principles, but dispense with short-term fashions and mainstream influences. The result is a landscape with a recognizable character, which offers different charms every month and develops in an annually growing, dynamic process.

- Private gardens:
For us, a garden is not a rigid decoration, but a living organism. We plan and realize private gardens, which correspond exactly to the desire and the nature of the owner, but at the same time carry change and development in itself. With great sensitivity and precise knowledge of the laws of plant communities, our design lays the right foundation and creates an impulse. Then the garden can grow, flourish - and become its owner's very own personal oasis.