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o9 landschaftsarchitekten

Wolfgang Hanke

Opferstraße 9
32423 Minden

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Since the foundation of the office in 1990, the office o9 landschaftsarchitekten Wolfgang Hanke has continuously developed and covers with its employees the classical tasks of landscape architecture.
The joint work with the client/client and other specialist planners is a basic requirement for our office for a good planning result and satisfied clients.

In open space planning, residential environment improvements and the planning of public open spaces such as city parks and schoolyard grounds are a focus.

In landscape planning, the tasks are processed from the preparation of environmental impact studies to landscape conservation plans to species protection law expert opinions. The development of raw material mining sites and the near-natural development of waters are to be mentioned as focal points.

With the development of an eco-farm with an affiliated recreational area in Shanghai, we have also opened up to foreign projects.


Köhler, Thomas, Landschaftsarchitekt AKNW
Paß, Elvira, Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitektur
Goedke, Bärbel, Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitektur
Aulfes, Jan, Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsentwicklung
Schramme, Olaf, Stadtplaner SRL