Höke Landschaftsarchitektur Umweltplanung

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Höke Landschaftsarchitektur Umweltplanung

Stefan Höke

Engelbert-Kaempfer-Straße 8
33605 Bielefeld

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Since 2000, the Höke Landschaftsarchitektur office in Bielefeld has been working on the increasingly complex fields of landscape architecture and environmental planning.

6 specialists with a profound knowledge of the interactions of man, nature and designed environment develop viable solutions for ever new issues and projects with the utmost care, experience and dedication as well as state-of-the-art IT in the background. With a long-standing network of specialists from various disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, traffic, biology, geology and soil, water and many others, we are able to handle even large and complex projects.

As a service provider, we feel responsible first and foremost for the success of the project and the satisfaction of the client.
Open space and object planning
We develop and implement ideas and concepts for all open spaces in the private, commercial and public sectors. The small green space of a 2 m² traffic island receives the same care and dedication as the open space concept for a residential quarter, the drainage planning for a commercial property, the competition entry for the town square or the house garden with swimming pond. Our design qualities result from an intensive examination of the function of the space and the needs of the users on the one hand and the artistic implementation of the solution on the other. Our technical expertise stems from a solid education as nurserymen or landscape gardeners as well as from continuous training on the topics of DIN standards, new construction methods and technical regulations. In this context, we have been trained and certified as experts for damage to outdoor facilities and have a network of highly specialised experts at our disposal. All of this is combined with many years of professional experience to produce the level of qualification required for the creation of a high-quality outdoor facility in terms of design and function.

Environmental planning
Whether it is a wind farm, a road, a development plan, a light rail line, an industrial estate or groundwater extraction: we handle all projects in terms of their impact on nature and the landscape. Our expertise ranges from spatial analysis to site and route identification, species protection studies, environmental reports, FFH studies, EIA reports and landscape conservation plans. We carry out the mapping of biotopes, plant communities and animals of all relevant species groups in-house. For example, we map bats using the most modern technology and prove not only the occurrence itself, but also the species and behaviour of the individual individuals. Furthermore, we develop ecological strategies for the avoidance or reduction of environmentally harmful effects of projects and plans and thus usually achieve a nature conservation-compliant approval of the project.


Susanne Choitz, Fabian Diekmann, Sebastian Fischer, Simon Klüter, Meral Saxowsky,

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