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Christian Jürgensmann, Jürgen Landers

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 89
47051 Duisburg

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Tel. (0203)  2981929
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The road to the future is a construction site...
We design open spaces. From towel gardens to city parks. Listening is the most important prerequisite for successful work. You can "listen" to a builder and his wishes, but also to a place and its special atmosphere,

But you can also listen to the future user. We are happy to determine hopes and wishes for a project before we start planning. These basics guide our design process and later enable a broad acceptance of the planning. Only those who listen can understand the context and develop it into a coherent concept. This is the challenge we set ourselves every time - with commitment and enthusiasm. We are passionate landscape architects. In this context, the name plan b stands for the planning alternatives we develop for each task - decisions need foundations.

These foundations include a knowledge of construction technology, materials, standards and laws that has been acquired over 25 years and is constantly updated.The conceptual approach remains unmistakable. We think and plan in clear and catchy structures and forms.

Partners & Network

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