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WES GmbH LandschaftsArchitektur

Betz Kaschke Wehberg-Krafft Rödding

Jarrestraße 80
22303 Hamburg

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Tel. (040)  27841-0
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The interdisciplinary team of more than 50 employees is led by the four managing partners Wolfgang Betz, Michael Kaschke, Henrike Wehberg-Krafft and Claus Rödding. Hinnerk Wehberg is involved as a consultant and representative. Hans-Hermann Krafft serves as extended management in the Berlin office. Yushu Liu is the regional manager responsible for Asia-Pacific.

We pay great attention to all phases of performance, from a high quality of "artistic" and content concepts to professional realization. The work of the office includes the design of architectural interior and exterior spaces, open space and object planning, the preparation of expert opinions and urban planning concepts as well as art in construction.

The spectrum of our successfully realized projects ranges from large-scale master plans of the Überseestadt Bremen or the Westbund in Shanghai to urban spaces and squares such as the Magellan or Marco Polo Terraces in Hamburg's HafenCity to cultural-historical places of remembrance such as the Esterwegen Memorial. Urban open space planning of new urban quarters such as the VIERTEL ZWEI Plus in Vienna-Krieau (AT) or the development of the Industrial Park Sports Center in Suzhou (CN) complete the complex range of tasks of the office.

Continuous competition wins confirm the quality of our work. Whether the 1st prize for the redesign of the pedestrian zone Meidlinger Hauptstraße in Vienna (AT), the 1st prize for the market place Bad Lauchstädt and for the exclusive park hotel THE FONTENAY in Hamburg or a 1st prize for the South Bund in Shanghai (CN) - the successes of the competitions speak for themselves.

The jury of the international book "Made in Germany - Best of Contemporary Architecture" selected WES LandschaftsArchitektur as the best German landscape architecture firm. Tim Richardson counts the office in his book "Avant Gardeners" among the 50 visionaries of contemporary landscape design.


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