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Uniola Landschaftsarchitektur Stadtplanung

Andreas Albrecht, Patrick Altermatt, Emina Cej-Winkler, Franz Damm, Guido Hager, Prof. Regine Keller, Andreas Kotlan, Raphael Kugler, Kirsten Littarru-Bachmeier, Pascal Posset, Annika Sailer, Monika Schenk, Nurettin Tüney, Margareta Rothe

Lothstraße 19
80797 München

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Tel. (089)  248 838 3-0


We are Uniola!

Under the name Uniola, the offices of Hager Partner AG and Keller Damm Kollegen GmbH have been combining their 65 years of expertise in the fields of landscape architecture and urban planning since January 2023.

The planning approach of Uniola Landscape Architecture Urban Planning is determined by contextual design.

This means that when planning, we respond very specifically to the particular circumstances of the location, regardless of whether it is a framework plan on an urban development scale, the open spaces of residential buildings and company headquarters or a narrowly defined individual plot of land: both in the design of private and public open spaces.
In our designs and drafts, we are not looking for the trend, but for the individual idea for the specific location.

Interdisciplinary work:

In our office, landscape architects, urban planners, ecologists, geologists, engineers and architects work together on the planning content. Depending on the task at hand, we work closely with external landscape planners, urban planners, architects, engineers, biologists and artists.