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Mueller + Partner Landschaftsarchitekten

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang R. Mueller

Siemensring 106
47877 Willich

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Tel. (02154)  488860
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Since 1964, the office Mueller Partner Garten- und Landschaftsarchitekten BDLA is creatively active in open space planning.

The tasks include all areas of open space planning, from individual consultation to the handling of major projects such as federal and state garden shows.
The office is located in its own pavilion in Willich-Münchheide. By the traffic-favorable situation in the city triangle Duesseldorf - Krefeld - Moenchengladbach we are fast attainable over the motorways A 57, A 52 and A 44.
Our team consists of 4 Dipl.-Ing. landscape architects as well as 3 coworkers in the commercial and technical range.
The office Wolfgang R. Mueller Partner is a member of the Chamber of Architects NRW as well as a member of the Association of German Landscape Architects BDLA.
At all times, the garden was the idealized image of nature and landscape. For the landscape architect, gardens were the main field of work.
Today this has become more extensive, more large-scale, more urban and more constructive. Under the piecework environment we landscape architects also consider urban climate, water management, soil function or preservation or reclamation of landscape.

After the conceptual phase we understand the planning as a continuous development process until the final implementation on site and a perfect accounting with documentation. This intensive examination is always reflected in our realized projects.
Great importance is attached to the professional horticultural handling of what for us is the most valuable building material, the plant. Our work as landscape architects is always directed towards the future. A garden, a green space, a square, which is created today as a plan, will unfold in the coming years and show its quality.


Sieglinde Bücker, Beatrice Kruse, Claudia Engelke, Dorothee Müller-Spennemann, Norbert Seeger, Richard Nowak