Roland Pfeiffer Landschaftsarchitekt bdla

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Roland Pfeiffer Landschaftsarchitekt bdla

Roland Pfeiffer, Dipl. Ing.

Am Nocken 24
58553 Halver-Oberbrügge

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Tel. (02351)  972959
Fax (02351)  79720

In more than 25 years of professional experience, numerous projects and studies in the fields of landscape architecture and hydraulic engineering were created, planned and completed in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Roland Pfeiffer, Dipl. Ing.
Year of birth 1954, born in Lüdenscheid
Schools in Halver and Lüdenscheid
Studies of landscape architecture in Weihenstephan, 1976- 1980
Project manager in the office Gottfried Hansjakob, Munich, 1980- 1985
Since 1985 with his own office freelance

- Since 1994 1. Chairman of the German Society for Garden Art and Landscape Culture DGGL Ruhr
- From 2001 to 2004 on the advisory board of the DGGL at federal level
- Member of the Association of German Landscape Architects BDLA
- Board activities in charitable, sporting, nature and environmental protection as well as church associations and societies.
In object planning, outdoor facilities of schools, kindergartens, office and company buildings, playgrounds and football pitches, home gardens, town and village squares as well as cemeteries were planned and implemented.
In landscape planning, environmental reports, environmental impact studies, FFH compatibility studies, landscape conservation plans and species protection reports were prepared for various projects.
In hydraulic engineering, water rights procedures were carried out with hydraulic calculations for watercourse renaturation, pond rehabilitation, quarry expansion, rainwater infiltration systems, constructed wetlands and hydropower plants.
Successes were achieved in various competitions.
Lately, a 3rd prize was achieved in cooperation with the architect's office Sachs, Halver, in the competition for the new building of the savings bank branch in Halver of the savings bank Lüdenscheid.
In 2004, with the support of the Chamber of Architects NRW, the "Chamber in the School" project "Redesign of the Atrium" was carried out at the Realschule Halver with the participation of the students, teachers, parents and numerous sponsors.
The philosophy in all planning is that a plan is not created for an end in itself, but that a plan should serve the citizen or client and at the same time the future maintenance and care is not disregarded. The participation of citizens, especially children, in the planning process for public clients is also an essential aspect of the office philosophy.