Bernd Waldvogel Landschaftsarchitektur Landscape architect BDLA, AKH

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Bernd Waldvogel Landschaftsarchitektur

Bernd Waldvogel

Steinweg 34
65824 Schwalbach a. Ts.

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Tel. (06196)  9025874
Fax (06196)  9025875

Philosophy / attitude
Creativity is the art of translating thoughts and ideas into real forms, imagination our prerequisite for this.
The dialogue with the place as the basis of planning in the context of a city or the open landscape is the constant confrontation with the different forms of our living environment. This is subject to constant change. Spatial, economic, ecological and, above all, social structures constantly provide new framework conditions. Reacting to these and reformulating them is the core competence of landscape architecture. The result of this debate is the development of individual solutions, the livable and aesthetic design of private and public spaces.
Sustainability and ecology as well as the knowledge of materials and technology are the guidelines and challenge of our professional passion.