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WKM Landschaftsarchitekten WEBER KLEIN MAAS (GbR)

Klaus Klein / Rolf Maas

Clarissenstraße 63
40549 Düsseldorf

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The office WKM Landschaftsarchitekten WEBER KLEIN MAAS emerged from the office Roland Weber in Düsseldorf, who was already one of the most famous landscape architects in Germany in the 1930s. In addition to house gardens and facilities for administrative and industrial buildings, the office today designs inner-city green spaces as well as recreational and leisure parks. The leitmotif is the sensitive development of the existing. Landscape and historical conditions are used to bring out the special character of a place. In an intimate interaction with nature, spaces of the greatest possible simplicity and tranquillity are created. Natural beauty manifests itself in this as the highest quality of garden art.

In 2007, the office MK2 internatinal Landscape Architects was founded as a joint venture between WKM Landschaftsarchitekten (Meerbusch) and MPK Landschaftsarchitekten (Leverkusen) and thus combines over 20 years of planning experience for projects in the Middle East, Southern Europe, the USA and the Far East.
The basis of the design work in the WKM office is the sensitive development of the existing. Landscape and historical conditions are used to bring out the existing qualities and character of a situation.

The interaction of art and nature essentially determines the design approach. The aim is to understand nature as a whole and to include it in a design concept.
With this claim, the theorists of the English garden have already connected the demand for consideration of the existing and the restriction to an inconspicuous, nature-supporting intervention. In this sense, one of the highest qualities of garden art is to demonstrate natural beauty in the artificial plant.

This tradition is one of the fundamental aspects of the work at WKM. The consistent continuation of these thoughts with regard to ecological questions and the gentle handling of the history of a place, is of equally central importance.


Klaus Klein, Rolf Maas, Hanjo Rodewald, Matthias Döschl, Bettina Pätzold, Michael Bloemacher, Monika Hirthe

Partners & Network

MPK Landschaftsarchitekten BDLA
Partnerschaftsgesellschaft für
Umweltplanung und Geoinformation
Hemmelrather Weg 201
D-51377 Leverkusen
Tel. +49.214.3109140
Fax +49.214.3109145

licht|raum|stadt - planung
lighting design
Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Knappschneider
Bayreuther Straße 52a
D-42115 Wuppertal
Tel. +49 202 695160
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RBK Dr. Richter Berger Kasper
Johann-Philipp-Reis-Str. 9
D-53332 Bornheim
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Dar Al-Omran
Planners • Architects • Engineers
B.Sc., M.Sc.Arch. Sami A. Sabbagh (General Manager)
Abu Bakr Arrazi Street
P.O. Bx 8187
Riyadh 11482 K.S.A.
Tel +96 61 4652189
Fax +96 61 4640081

MK2 international Landscape Architects
Klaus Klein
Hans Kampfer
Rolf Maas
Achim Müller
Am Meerkamp 21
40667 Meerbusch
Fon +49 (0) 21 32. 99 78 0
Fax +49 (0) 21 32. 99 78 20

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