Wolfgang Weinzierl Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

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Wolfgang Weinzierl Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

Wolfgang Weinzierl, Alois Rieder, Anita Fesseler, Marlene Heichele, Ulrich von Spiessen

Parkstraße 10
85051 Ingolstadt

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Tel. (0841)  966410
Fax (0841)  9664125


The landscape architecture office Wolfgang Weinzierl exists since 1977.
It was developed from an office operated in the years 1972-77 together with the brother Dipl. Forstwirt Hubert Weinzierl.
The conversion into a GmbH (limited liability company) took place in 2009. Since then, Wolfgang Weinzierl and Alois Rieder lead it together with Anita Fesseler, Marlene Heichele and Ulrich von Spiessen.
Currently, another 11 landscape architects, landscape and urban planners, an architect and two employees in the secretariat are permanently employed. Our team is supplemented by student employees and interns.

On 01.11.2011 Wolfgang Weinzierl leaves as managing director. The management is now formed by Alois Rieder together with Anita Fesseler and Marlene Heichele.
We understand landscape architecture as an attempt to recognize connections and find systems of order. We link our tasks in landscape and urban planning with the projects of open space planning: from the large to the small, developing details, creating atmosphere. Our spectrum of tasks ranges from urban land use planning and general planning to open space design with work planning and construction supervision. The supporting framework for us is the fundamentals of the natural area as well as the history of the cultural area: from the past into the future. The existing site is thought through and redesigned. Thereby the protection of nature and technical details with quality are no contradiction.
This we try to continue in seminars and publications.


Angelika Denzinger, Ayse Dolanbay, Susanne Donaubauer, Simone Gröll, Theresia Henfling, Holger Hennings, Wolfgang Rosenbauer, Felizitas Schall, Volker Schindler, Andrea Schmidt, Christian Semmler, Julia Thanheiser, Cornelia Trippel (derzeit in Mutterschutz), Anita Zach-Mathieu (derzeit in Mutterschutz)