Dagmar Welz Landschaftsarchitekturbüro Garden, open space and landscape planning

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Dipl. Ing, (FH) Dagmar Welz, freie Landschaftsarchitektin

Fährweg 16
39240 Calbe/Saale

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Tel. (039291)  469860
Fax (039291)  469307


The goal of my office is to satisfy the needs of people, after harmony of nature and
society. Here I see the challenge above all in the
dealing with the most diverse interests and use claims
as well as in the search for constantly new, individual, economic,
socially and ecologically compatible solutions under application of the constructional
guidelines and rules. Looking at the existing built and undeveloped
environment, I work with creativity and interdisciplinary team spirit
on obvious, material-appropriate and permanently aesthetic solutions.
Due to the wide range of services from structural and landscape planning to detailed planning on the object, I am just as familiar with large-scale thinking as the forward-looking integration of object-planning individual solutions. Essential bases of my work form nature protection-expertise, horticultural, building-technical, social and building-artistic realizations in addition, I let the knowledge of classical and traditional organization teachings flow into my work, by translating these on modern requirements.

My office emphasis lies with the contribution of object-planning achievements, the achievement phases 1 - 9,
for free plants, including the object-bound traffic surfaces belonging to it. Furthermore, structural planning and landscape planning services are provided in my office.