WGF Nürnberg

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WGF Nürnberg GbR

Vordere Cramergasse 11
90478 Nürnberg

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Tel. (0911)  946030
Fax (0911)  9460310


WGF stands for over 40 years of experience in landscape architecture, environmental management and urban design, numerous competition successes as well as projects on a national and international level.

Founded by Prof. Gerd Aufmkolk, WGF today consists of the offices WGF Landschaft GmbH, WGF Objekt GmbH and WGF Beraten.

Characteristic for WGF is the wide range of tasks. It ranges from framework planning to regional and landscape planning, and includes urban development concepts and the moderation of planning processes. A further focus is the open space and object planning up to the construction supervision of the execution.

Our goal is the development of sustainable strategies for open spaces and landscapes. We understand our planning services as creative work, which also takes into account the existing, the essence and the history of a place.