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Friedrich Wittmann

Lorettostraße 29
40219 Düsseldorf

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"Nature must be felt," said the exceptional scientist Alexander von Humboldt. With this in mind, we plan and design outdoor spaces where you can recharge your batteries. Where you can find peace without having to look far. Or find it again. For example, for private homes, residential complexes, hospitals or senior centres. We also design outdoor spaces that invite you to be active. To feel alive. For example, children's playgrounds, schoolyards or sports facilities.

Friedrich Wittmann studied at the Scottish Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with a Masters in Landscape Architecture. A very consciously chosen path, on which a deep connection to nature can be combined with creativity in the best possible way.
That a high design standard does not contradict a solid, target and cost-oriented planning performance, reliability and punctuality, we have proven again and again with numerous projects since we took over the office in 2000.
We safeguard this generalist standard by guaranteeing personal support by the architect over the entire period of the project. Just as a high building site presence during the complete realization phase.

Talk to us. We look forward to getting to know you.

Friedrich Wittmann Landscape Architects offer to take over all service phases of the HOAI Part 3 object planning outdoor facilities.


Marion Köster, Landschaftsarchitektin