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PSL Landschaftsarchitekten Ziegenrücker. Dorlas. PartGmbB

Andrea Ziegenrücker, Michael Dorlas

Ziegengasse 10
99084 Erfurt

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Tel. (0361)  264690
Fax (0361)  2646930

Landscape has many faces. Above all, it is open space. Open space is also settlement space - village, city. Everyone needs it, uses it - the town square, parking lot or courtyard, park, garden or sports facility. Landscape architects create and secure open spaces. The spectrum is diverse, the result the same. Life becomes more worth living. The goal of our planning.
From the initial design idea to the ready-to-use open space, in the area of urban land use planning, in competition management, conceptual planning or the supervision of maintenance, we are the competent partner for clients and planning participants. This is guaranteed by an experienced, qualified and flexible team of landscape architects and graduate engineers as well as state-of-the-art technical equipment. Whether public or private client - we are an independent administrator of the client.
We make your dreams come true!