B.A.S Kopperschmidt + Moczala GmbH

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B.A.S. Kopperschmidt + Moczala GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Juliane Kopperschmidt, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christian Moczala

Lehnertweg 13
44225 Dortmund

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(02 31) 97 61 45 20
Fax ()  (02 31) 97 61 45 21


B.A.S. Kopperschmidt Moczala, founded in 1997, works at the interface of landscape architecture, urban planning and architecture. The basis of our work is the framework of the city, the public space, which requires special design attention in order to act as a basis for communication and an urban society. Numerous projects inspired in this way have won awards in competitions or are currently being realised.
An essential focus of our office lies in urban space design. In addition to object planning, we are just as familiar with the implementation and monitoring of formal procedures such as development planning as we are with informal planning, framework plans or urban planning or open space planning expert opinions, the moderation of public planning processes, as well as the public presentation and discussion of planning results. We see ourselves as integrating partners, in which we seek close cooperation with other disciplines involved in the planning.
It is our goal, beyond the development of concepts, to continue to accompany the projects through to realization - be it through the object planning of the outdoor facilities, the lighting design, or the development of design manuals or development studies for structural engineering projects.

The opportunity of this approach lies in securing synergies between the various service areas, which all together contribute to the appearance of the site. In the implementation, there is in part a close interweaving of the performance boundaries, which makes the implementation of the conceptual qualities possible in the first place.