club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH Dipl. Ing. Landscape Architect Frank Flor, Dipl. Ing. Landscape Architect Jörg Homann, Dipl. Ing. Landscape Architect Götz Klose, Prof. Landscape Architect Burkhard Wegener


club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

Dipl. Ing. Frank Flor, Dipl. Ing. Jörg Homann, Dipl. Ing. Götz Klose, Prof. Burkhard Wegener

Venloer Str. 301- 303
50823 Köln

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Tel. (+49)  221 78 99 50 20
Fax (+49)  221 78 99 50 211

club L 94 sees the focus of its work in the creation of new images that provide a high degree of identity. In the foreground is the satisfaction of differentiated usage demands on the design. The reduction to a few elements, which are integrated into the systematics of an overall concept related to the respective location, lends our designs calmness and clarity. Formally, our designs are close to young modernism. We avoid adopting the romanticizing landscape images of past epochs without reflection. The use of new materials in outdoor spaces is part of our vision to establish a contemporary landscape architecture. In the realization of our designs, we place a high value on constructional professionalism and attention to detail in the execution.


Kerstin Bennemann, Tabea Bergmann, Daniel Branchereau, Anika Brede, Pia Custodis, Priyambada Das, Jörg Diwisch, Pia Esser, Stefanie Esser, Axel Feja, Kati Griesbach, Michal Bartlomiej Herl, Andrea Junges, Lars Kallfelz, Katharina Klinkenberg, Anna Kuptz, Franziska Lesser, Tobias Miczka, Louisa Otternberg, Sarah Raschke, Katja Risthaus, Florian Ridder, Philip Schäffler, Doris Schmitz, Christoph Schols, Fabio Ströbert, Matthias Wachsmuth, Sara Winkler, Yuanqi Zhou