GM013 Landschaftsarchitektur

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GM013 Landschaftsarchitektur

Giencke, Dipl.-Ing., Paul

Urbanstraße 115
10967 Berlin

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Tel. (0049 (0)30)  60977543

City, architecture and open space stand in a systemic and spatial context, as a sequence of interlocking, artificial and natural spatial sequences. In our work we are searching for the landscape in architecture, the natural in the urban context and the experience of the artistic in nature. This relationship between architecture and open space generates tangible, diverse urban spaces. It is a matter of sensitizing the user to his context, of making sensually and temporally situated space tangible. Adaptable, appropriable and diverse open spaces are created that evolve with the life and change of the city and society and move beyond the everyday. Program is not unwound but assigned, subordinated and integrated in a clear spatial structure. In the foreground is the search for the human being, the longing and the surprise. Our design research questions the classical relationship between nature and city, open space and enclosed space. We work on urban and rural places that base their spatial but also atmospheric qualities on exactly these contrasts. Questions about future urban and landscape development under the aspects of social and climatic change form the basis of all considerations.

GM013 Landscape Architecture was founded by Paul Giencke and Marco Mattelig in 2013 in Berlin Kreuzberg. Since 2019, Paul Giencke has continued to run the office on his own. GM013 deals with all classical areas of landscape architecture in both public and private spaces, in national and international projects and competitions.

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