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Florian Ehrler, Freier Landschaftsarchitekt bdla, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Bräuergasse 7
01067 Dresden

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(03 51) 8 21 23 70
Fax ()  (03 51) 8 21 23 72

In our highly dynamic, globalized time, the human being as an individual is perceived less and less. Personal needs are subject to everyday constraints. One's own free space is severely restricted. In these times, the office has dedicated itself to the multifaceted task field of open space development.
In the field of tension between city and landscape, yesterday and tomorrow, grey and green, we develop actively controlling appealing and functional solutions for your specific task.
As a young creative office, we create interdisciplinary and cooperating networks with professional colleagues your individual free spaces.
The office works according to a holistic approach in the field of tension between landscape architecture and urban planning. The projects are usually implemented integratively, i.e. with the participation of local stakeholders, users, residents, public agencies, specialist authorities, etc.. Landscape architecture serves as an active control instrument for the spatial-structural, ecological, social and economic improvement of the environment and thus also the most complex form of our home - the city.

|| Object planning of open spaces ||
Public and private green and open spaces, parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, open spaces of schools, open spaces of day care centers, public pedestrian areas such as city squares and pedestrian zones or promenades, home gardens

|| Urban planning services ||
City development planning, framework and design plans, project studies, urban planning advice in formally defined redevelopment areas, green and open space concepts, feasibility studies, development concepts

|| Other services |||
Organisation and implementation of planning workshops, conception and design of exhibitions and flyers and accompanying booklets or brochures, organisation and implementation of guided tours of the district and garden walks, organisation of competitions, participation in district festivals, management of communication processes.