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Dipl.-Ing- Franziska Schieferdecker

Fritz-Hoffmann-Straße 7
01097 Dresden

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(03 51) 65 67 77 02
Fax ()  (03 51) 65 67 77 01

In our planning, we combine the needs of the users with the design language of the place. In this way, we create urban and open spaces as lively, sustainable and future-proof places. In cooperation with our clients as well as all involved authorities and planners, we reliably and competently develop solutions that highlight the uniqueness of each environment and constructively integrate all parties involved.

Target-oriented communication, transparency in all coordination and planning processes as well as precision craftsmanship in all phases of performance are natural tools for us that guarantee quick decisions, the highest quality and cost security of our work.
We see ourselves as the link between architecture and open space, city and landscape, client and user.

Partners & Network

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Frank Heinz-Freier Architekt Waldkirch, DSGN Concepts Münster, Querfeldeins Dresden, Storch Landschaftsarchitektur Dresden