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Schmidt-Seifert Landschaftsarchitekten

Philip Winkelmeier

Großbeerenstraße 71
10963 Berlin

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Tel. (030)  2167636

The office was founded in 1990 and looks back on many years of planning and construction experience: a knowledge that is reflected both in the employees, in the technical solutions and planning approaches or our contacts to companies and partners. After the unplanned handover of Peter Schmidt-Seifert († October 2017) to Philip Winkelmeier as the new owner, the focus was on the smooth continuation of all ongoing projects and construction sites as well as the administrative rewriting. The handover has been completed and the trusting relationship with our clients could be maintained and further developed through follow-up orders. In addition, we have been able to win new tasks and clients.
Together in a team of 4 landscape architects, we plan public parks, city squares and open spaces in Berlin and Brandenburg and look after private clients in the design of residential environments. Often these objects are garden monuments and are led by us accordingly sensitively and expertly through the coordination processes up to the realization. Examples are the open spaces of the Bethanien (completion 5th BA 2019), the market and church forecourt in Friedrichshagen but also the restoration of the World Heritage Sites "Siemensstadt" and "Weiße Stadt" as well as the outdoor facilities of the Museum of Natural History Berlin.

Currently, the focus of the office in terms of monument law is complemented by a new focus on ecological-sustainable projects. We want to advise our clients optimally with regard to climate change and contemporary ecological scope for action. Our self-conception is that landscape architects with expertise in the fields of "green" and "blue" play a decisive role in the overall social mandate to design and develop the functional preservation of our living space. We would like to play this role responsibly in every project from planning to realisation.


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