Bielfeldt + Berg Landschaftsplanung

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Bielfeldt + Berg Landschaftsplanung (GbR)

Hans-Rainer Bielfeldt, Kerstin Berg

Virchowstraße 16
22767 Hamburg

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Tel. (040)  3893939
Fax (040)  3893900

Bielfeldt Berg Landschaftsplanung work on planning tasks from the entire field of landscape and open space planning. On the one hand, a large part of our work involves the preparation of expert reports on environmental (impact) assessment for a large number of project types and, on the other hand, expert reports on communal urban land use planning and on intervention projects by a wide range of project sponsors at all planning levels.
Clients are states, counties, municipalities, road construction administrations, the DB AG, private and public economic development companies, companies from different sectors as well as private clients.

The office was founded in 1982 by Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Rainer Bielfeldt, landscape architect bdla. Since January 1995, Dipl.-Ing. Kerstin Berg, landscape architect bdla, has been co-owner after many years of work in the office (since 1988). The legal form is a civil law partnership.

Our planning and consulting expertise primarily includes the following areas of activity:

- Landscape plans
- Green development plans and green development contributions
- Environmental reports for urban land use planning
- Environmental impact studies and preliminary assessments
- Landscape conservation plans
- Implementation planning
- FFH preliminary assessments and impact assessments
- Contributions to species protection
- Contributions to water law (WFD)
- Renaturation planning
- Monitoring concepts
- Compensation area management
- Moderation of specialist events and lecturing
- Procedural support and management
- Competitions and judging activities


Hans-Rainer Bielfeldt, Kerstin Berg, Ulla Gerversmann, Michael Schmidt, Axel Emmerich, Nicole Winter, Lena Spreckels, Charlotte Schramm, Maike von der Geest (freie Mitarbeit)