PGNU Nature Planning Group


PGNU - Planungsgruppe Natur & Umwelt GbR

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Eicke; Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Forst. Klaus Seipel; Dipl.-Bio. Christoph Kress; Dipl.-Bio. Alexander von Küchler; Dipl.-Bio. Marion Löhr-Böger; Dipl.-Bio Stefan Hamm-Kreilos

Hamburger Allee 45
60486 Frankfurt/Main

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Tel. (069)  9529640
Fax (069)  95296499

PGNU is a landscape architecture and landscape planning office that has been in existence since 1987 and works on projects of various sizes throughout Europe. The team of PGNU consists of 20 landscape architects, landscape planners, ecologists, biologists, and foresters.

Our office has extensive experience in the field of landscape architecture, landscape planning, environmental analysis, urban land use planning, water protection, forestry, environmental construction supervision, nature conservation and species protection. Our professional knowledge is supplemented by experience gained in the course of numerous planning approval, urban land use planning and building permit procedures in dealing with approval authorities, involved stakeholders and citizens with regard to a balance of interests between landscape architecture, urban planning and nature conservation and the respective construction projects.

In particular, the many years of experience and in-house interdisciplinary cooperation of specialist engineers and natural scientists guarantees a smooth flow of planning procedures and leads to innovative, practical and user-friendly planning results.