Dr.- Ing. Uwe Neumann Freelance garden and landscape architect BDLA

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Dr.-Ing. Uwe Neumann Freier Garten - und Landschaftsarchitekt BDLA

Dr.- Ing. Uwe Neumann

Falterweg 17
14055 Berlin

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Tel. (030)  3024156
Fax (030)  3019544


The office was founded in August 1978.

Building on the doctorate completed in 1976 with a thesis on the recultivation of landfills, the focus during the first 10 years was in the area of landfill planning and in expansion in landscape and green space planning and landscape conservation planning.

From the beginning of the 90s, the focus gradually shifted to the object planning, without the previous areas were completely abandoned.

Since the same time, tasks in the garden monument conservation were added, especially the post-war modernism, which are currently and for even longer time processed in the office.

The office owner is for over 30 years by the IHK to Berlin publicly appointed and sworn expert for gardening and landscaping.

The clients come from the private sector, the housing industry, the public sector and the scientific sector and - for the expert activity - also from the insurance industry and the judiciary.

With the owner works a landscape architect for over 10 years in the office.
Project planning and construction management
Garden monument preservation
Tree appraisals
Appraisals for garden and landscape construction
Accompanying landscape conservation planning
Ecological construction management
Recultivation of landfills


Dipl-Ing. Constance Schönberg (Landschaftsarchitektin)