Gartendesign und Landschaftsarchitektur C. Lentz S. Smidt


Gartendesign und Landschaftsarchitektur C. Lentz S. Smidt GbR

Stephanie Smidt, Cornelia Lentz von Guttenberg

Bachstraße 50
41352 Korschenbroich

Contact information

Tel. (02182)  8839895
Fax (02182)  8839896

The consortium Gartendesign und Landschaftsarchitektur was founded in 2004 by Stephanie Smidt and Cornelia Lentz. With locations in Munich and Glehn/ Korschenbroich, we offer our services there, but of course also throughout Germany.

The focus of our work is on the planning and realization of high-quality outdoor facilities for public and private clients. We plan and design individual outdoor spaces from home gardens to urban open spaces. Our projects are created in the space between the demand for use and the individual, creative use of forms, materials and colors.
We work in accordance with the fee schedule for architects and engineers HOAI §38 and are available to the client as needed from the development of the initial idea to the coordination / monitoring / cost control of implementation to the side.

In addition to the object planning, the preparation of expert opinions / studies, the participation / supervision of competitions and the holding of seminars and lectures belong to our office services.

Partners & Network

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