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bäuerle landschaftsarchitektur + stadtplanung

Hannes Bäuerle M.Sc.

Forststraße 93/2
70176 Stuttgart

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Tel. (0711)  40798140
Fax (0711)  40798139


We design, plan and implement landscape and urban design projects in private and public spaces. From urban plazas, parks, open spaces to housing developments and public buildings to schoolyards and corporate sites. In addition, we prepare feasibility studies in an urban context and design urban spaces for all people.
Competitions are just as much a focus for us as the processing of specific planning commissions at all scales. From open spaces to functional buildings, from sophisticated designs in the public realm to the conception of new quarters, we dedicate ourselves to all tasks of landscape architecture and urban planning. Our goal is to create functional and attractive landscapes and spaces with a spirited vision. We want to discover and understand the stories and potentials of places in order to revive, continue or even improve their unique quality. We draw inspiration from spaces of different character as well as from the diverse requirements of our clients, whose ideas and interests are at the heart of our work. For they make available the space in which our ideas and concepts help to shape the future of our living environment.
In addition to design requirements, we also focus on sustainability and an awareness of the surrounding environment. Solutions for the current tasks of our time require visions and concepts that go far beyond the planning and construction period. Planning for the future and not from the past. This is how we understand our tasks.


Stephanie Kobler MLA

Lea-Sophie Gräter M. Eng.

Fang Peng M.Sc.

Marius Kohlmorgen B.Eng.

Hannes Essig B.Eng.

Daniel Schiefer
Cand. B.Eng. Landschaftsarchitektur