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LA.BAR Landscape Architects bdla

Rüdiger Amend, Eike Richter

Neuenburger Str. 23
10969 Berlin

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Tel. (030)  61201938
Fax (030)  61201939

LA.BAR was founded in 2000 by Hanna Bornholdt, Rüdiger Amend and Eike Richter and is active in the field of planning open spaces for private and public clients in all service phases. Open spaces for universities, ministries, office and commercial buildings, residential complexes, kindergartens, schools, playground and sports field planning, master planning, urban redevelopment projects, project management services, competition support and competition participation represent the range of the office. Since 2009, we offer services in the field of historic green spaces in cooperation with the garden monument conservator Dr. Caroline Rolka.

LA.BAR represents a clear design approach that takes up found qualities and potentials and interprets them for the task at hand. The role of the landscape architect is understood here active partner in the planning process becoming more complex. The goal is to focus the diverse interests of those involved in planning and the often scarce financial resources on clearly definable goals and to represent landscape architecture as an independent cultural and urban development contribution in a committed manner.

In addition, engagements in the field of teaching, research and professional policy, such as teaching assignments in the field of design, construction management, AVA and urban management (urban redevelopment) as well as continuing education events of various architectural chambers, lecture events and publications.

Since 2010, LA.BAR has been a pioneer in the field of sustainable outdoor facilities and has developed, among other things, the Federal Sustainable Building Rating System for Outdoor Facilities (BNB_AA).
In addition to our membership in the BDLA, we are members of the DGGL as well as the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).


Carolin Achtel, Julian Engmann, Ayman Saadeldin, Vitali Tamorko, Karen Veit, Violetta Zilbersher

Partners & Network

In Kooperation mit der Gartendenkmalpflegerin Dr. Caroline Rolka ( Planung und Forschungsaufgaben im Bereich historischer Grünanlagen.

In Kooperation mit der Landschaftsplanerin Martina Faller: landschaftsplanerische Begleitpläne, Eingriffsgutachten und Leistungen im Zuge von Flächenplanungen, wie Grünordnungspläne und Umweltberichte.

Vielfältige projektbezogene Kooperationen mit KollegInnen, wie Atelier le Balto (, Prof. Cordula Loidl-Reisch (, Astrid Zimmermann (, Christiane Schwarz, Sebastian Koch u.a.