City Nord Park Care and development plan

Resting place "C" in the plant centre (Manilaweg) © 2012 Eckebrecht dito

Resting place "C" in the plant centre (Manilaweg) © 2012 Eckebrecht dito

The approx. 12 hectare City Nord park by the Hamburg landscape architect Günther Schulze (1927-1994) is one of the few remaining unaltered park designs of the 1970s. As a supporting element of the cultural monument City Nord, the park is of outstanding importance. It is also arguably essential to the functioning of the business city, an active, constantly changing urban structure (see also Stadt Grün 5/08 [57]).
The design principles of the open spaces have been applied throughout the business city (approx. 120 ha). The spatial interconnection results from the serial pattern of the slab paving in a criss-cross pattern and from the grid of tree plantings, the most conspicuous element of the layout. Over 1,000 sycamore trees were planted in a grid pattern throughout City North.
The impression of an urban whole is essentially achieved through the open space design. It is one of the outstanding features of the business city that it is not an arbitrary conglomeration of office solitaires. The task of green planning to form an equivalent to architecture has been fulfilled in an exemplary manner by the office of landscape architect Günther Schulze.
The maintenance and development plan is today the basis for numerous discussions on the preservation and further development of the entire urban ensemble.

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Planning offices

Berthold Eckebrecht

Project period
2006 - 2008

Bezirksamt Hamburg-Nord, Management des öffentlichen Raums
Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt, Grünplanung

22177 Hamburg

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Project type
Planning of garden memorial care, park maintenance works