Open spaces of Viba sweets GmbH in Schmalkalden Open space design "An der Fuchsenkothe" / surroundings Viba sweets GmbH

Blick auf das Viba-Event-Center © Heike Roos

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Blick in das landschaftliche Entree © Heike Roos

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Spielbereich im landschaftlichen Entree © Heike Roos

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Gesamtplan Freiflächen © Heike Roos

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Blick auf das Viba-Event-Center © Heike Roos

Blick in das landschaftliche Entree © Heike Roos

Spielbereich im landschaftlichen Entree © Heike Roos

Gesamtplan Freiflächen © Heike Roos

With the new construction of the Viba Event Center in Schmalkalden and in preparation for the State Garden Show 2015, the goal was a representative, use-oriented open space design of the green corridor "An der Fuchsenkothe" as well as the future public Viba Park.

The urban entrance is the generously designed, colorfully accentuated main entrance area to the Viba Event Center with bus stop and visitor parking. The scenic entrance opens up the valley space of the Fuchsenkothe watercourse in the south. Generous meadow and water areas as well as backdrop-like rows of trees give here spatial expanse and integrate as a matter of course the various uses (recreation, play, path references).

The use of plants in the newly designed park refers to the products of Viba Sweets GmbH: nut trees symbolize the raw material for nougat, grasses are reminiscent of cereals, fruit trees, aromatic and scented plants stand for further product components.

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Planning offices


Heike Roos, Karina Bickel, Claudia Frank, Nadine Heger, Yvonne Heider

Project period
2011 - 2012

ca. 3 ha

Construction amount
ca. 2,26 Mio € (brutto)

Stadtverwaltung Schmalkalden + Landesgartenschau Schmalkalden 2015 GmbH

Nougatallee 1 / Ecke Kasseler Straße
98574 Schmalkalden

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Project type
Parks and green spaces
Garden exhibitions
Open spaces for business and public facilities
Playgrounds, e.g. at childcare centers and schools