Green classroom Dierath The enchanted garden

Bestandsfläche © 2008 Yvonne Göckemeyer

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Die fertige Fläche bei der Einweihungsfeier © 2009 Yvonne Göckemeyer

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Bestandsfläche © 2008 Yvonne Göckemeyer

Die fertige Fläche bei der Einweihungsfeier © 2009 Yvonne Göckemeyer

The 'Green Classroom' project at the Dierath Community Primary School in Burscheid is reminiscent of the fairytale story of the enchanted garden.
On a barren, inhospitable expanse of land, an idea, many helping hands and support of a material kind have created a small paradise from which around 185 primary school children benefit.

Together with the teaching staff, the parents' association, the OGS and the school association, the requirements for a 'green classroom' were developed. In May 2008 the planning was ready. At the beginning of 2009 the time had come. The area was prepared for further work.
On April 25, 2009, over 70 adults and about 80 children got down to work to create the 'Green Classroom'. Herb spiral, sensory path, raised beds and trellises were built or assembled, paving was done and the berry bushes went into the ground. The following weeks were used to plant the raised beds and the herb spiral as well as to provide the lattices at the facade with planted flower pots.
On 16 May then a large inauguration celebration with music of the children, words of thanks and much fun. Since then, the 'Green Classroom' has been actively used by all classes and the OGS.

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Planning offices

Landschaftsarchitektin Plan-Blatt - Göckemeyer

Project period
2008 - 2009

Schulverein der GGS Dierath (Burscheid)

51399 Burscheid

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Project type
Open spaces for business and public facilities
Playgrounds, e.g. at childcare centers and schools
Green roofs, facades and interiors