PIER 78, Essen Housing project in Essen's university district - 2010 to 2013

Spielband © Daniel Sumesgutner

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Blick in den Innenbereich © Daniel Sumesgutner

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Entwurfsplan © Christian Jürgensmann

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Spielband © Daniel Sumesgutner

Blick in den Innenbereich © Daniel Sumesgutner

Entwurfsplan © Christian Jürgensmann

Urban living on the waterfront with concierge service and, if desired, neighbourly interaction - this is what the four-storey complex with 78 barrier-free and energy-efficient rental units stands for. A U-shaped structure with two set point buildings encloses the landscaped inner courtyard in the direct vicinity of the water promenade. The inner courtyard is almost completely covered by the underground car park. In the middle remains an elongated, 5 to 7 m wide area with an underground connection. The building block closing the inner courtyard to the north has a floor height of approx. 70 cm above the level of the inner courtyard, the height difference is absorbed by a double wall, which is designed as a seating step to the south.

In the central area of the inner courtyard, a slightly elevated "Anger" is created, which represents the communicative centre of the building block. The upstand of up to. 35 cm creates sufficient root space for a small-growing "tree colonnade" of fragrant flowering ash trees. The partly closed, partly open canopy creates a space for activities, which also offers a certain protection from the views from the surrounding residential levels. Here there are communicative seating areas and offers for playful and sporting activities for all residents of the block - especially small children, who will only slowly conquer the surrounding (park) space with their mother and father. The Anger can be reached in a barrier-friendly way through the elevated northern transverse path. A "Belvedere" between the two point houses is marked by a special (foliage colour, growth) tree and opens the view over the nearby park, which will remain visible beyond the hedge. A low planted slope lets the point houses float.
Along the south and east facades in the inner courtyard and on the south side of the point houses, tenant gardens are laid out, which offer a piece of private green behind protective hedges following generous terraces.
All roof areas are extensively greened.

The project received a Special Recognition in the context of the German Building Award 2014; the outdoor facilities are mentioned with praise. It also received the "immobilienmanager.AWARD 2013" in the urban development category. In November 2015, the building project was awarded one of four recognitions of the Architecture Prize of the City of Essen, with honorable mention for the private and semi-public open spaces.

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Project period
2010 - 2013

4885 qm (ohne Dachflächen)

Allbau AG Essen

Meyer-Schwickerath-Straße 61
45127 Essen

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Project type
Green roofs, facades and interiors