Show garden © Markus Schäf

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Show garden © Markus Schäf

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Show garden © Markus Schäf

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Show garden © Markus Schäf

Show garden © Markus Schäf

Show garden © Markus Schäf

Establishment of a show garden

For the 100th anniversary of the fruit and gardening association, the association's leadership decided together with the mayor to create a show garden in Petersaurach. After a suitable plot of land was found in the south of the municipality at the Ziegendorfer Weiher, a concept was developed for the basic framework of a diverse educational garden. Different nature and garden themes were to be shown, such as flower meadows, seasonal gardens, willow labyrinth, grass gardens, Feng Shui garden, colour circle, biotope gardens and others. Numerous old varieties of fruits and vegetables were planted, as well as all native species of trees and shrubs. The garden was planted under our guidance by the association itself and handed over to the public on the occasion of the anniversary celebration. Since then, the garden has been constantly developed by the members of the association and has become a popular destination for citizens from the region and horticultural clubs from all over Bavaria.

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Planning offices

Stautner + Schäf

Project period
2005 - 2010

1 ha

Obst- und Gartenbauverein Petersaurach



Project type
Parks and green spaces
Garden exhibitions