City garden on the bunker Hamburg St. Pauli

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Ansicht_Sommer_West © L+

Ansicht_Sommer_Sued © L+

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The concept for the planting of the urban garden on the bunker is sensibly based on the model of natural vegetation with its horizontal structure and staggered growth. The aim is to realise a planting that is as green or wintergreen as possible all year round, whereby consideration must be given to the extreme site conditions and stability and sustainability in particular have priority. The aim is not to create the image of an "English landscape park", but rather the plants will grow at an angle, e.g. due to the effects of the wind, and have a loose "dishevelled" growth. Thematically, this image will fit very well with the colorful image of the participation areas and the character of the district.

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Planning offices

L+ Landschaftsarchitektur

Dipl.-Ing. Felix Holzapfel-Herziger
Dipl.-Ing. Julian Benesch
Dipl.-Ing. Mareile Bleßmann
M.A. Arch. Paula Monedero

Project period
2015 - 2022

11.120 qm horizontale Fläche, 3.210 qm vertikale Fläche

Construction amount
4.000.000 €

EHP Erste Hanseatische Projektmanagement GmbH

20359 Hamburg

Project type
Parks and green spaces
Green roofs, facades and interiors