Karpfsee farmstead

Herausragende Lage in der Landschaft © 2018 The Pk. Odessa Co

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Vorplatz und Bauerngarten zwischen Verwaltungs-, Wohnhaus und Langhaus © 2020 ??? BEM Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner

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Bauerngarten © 2020 Boerboom BEM Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner

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Vorplatz mit Brunnen und Stufen in die Landschaft © 2020 Boerboom BEM Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner

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Herausragende Lage in der Landschaft © 2018 The Pk. Odessa Co

Vorplatz und Bauerngarten zwischen Verwaltungs-, Wohnhaus und Langhaus © 2020 ??? BEM Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner

Bauerngarten © 2020 Boerboom BEM Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner

Vorplatz mit Brunnen und Stufen in die Landschaft © 2020 Boerboom BEM Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner

"Respect for the existing structures and careful further development of the site"

The Karpfsee farmstead is located on the outskirts of the municipality of Bad Heilbrunn in a scenically exposed and extremely attractive location with a view of the Alps. The ensemble is located in a clearing island on the elongated ridge of a drumlin, a ground moraine hill from the last ice age, which is mainly used as grassland and pasture. The estate was converted into a seminar and training building by the Nantesbuch Foundation. It is committed to the themes of agriculture and art.

Natural integration

The topography of the site is very varied. The eastern and western flanks of the hill in particular have considerable gradients and cannot be used/developed for most purposes. Flatter areas that are easy to use or develop are only located on the hilltops around the existing buildings. The exposed location of the farmstead on the top of the landscape spur, visible from afar, leads to a particularly high sensitivity of the landscape, both in terms of views from the site to the surrounding landscape and views of the ensemble from the outside.

The climatic conditions of the edge of the Alps - heavy rainfall in summer and snowy winters - have also been given special consideration in the planning.

The valuable and partly protected vegetation (wooded biotopes, individual trees, species-rich meadows and pastures), as well as the interactions with the neighboring protected areas (FFH, protected biotopes) were always taken into account during the entire course of the project.


The municipal road from Hofgut Letten to Nantesbuch, which ran through the estate, was relocated. By relocating the municipal road, the previous route was downgraded to a private access road. The road was unsealed and dismantled as far as possible. The conversion made it necessary to create parking spaces.

The southern section from the road junction to the end of the building is designed as a 2.70 m wide track paved with concrete slabs. The northern section will be designed as a dirt road (unpaved track). It is only intended to be used by farmers. The southern as well as the northern branch to the farmstead will be constructed in in-situ concrete with a non-slip surface structure in the bend area.

Beyond the junction with the new municipal road, a footpath connection was created to the adjoining field path further north.

Outdoor facilities

Using simple materials, the open spaces harmoniously integrate the complex into the surrounding Alpine foothills landscape. The existing avenues and orchards were renewed and expanded. The hillside woodland with its mighty trees and masses of spring-flowering wildflowers were protected. Around the seminar wing with guest house, simple terraces and meadow areas are available to visitors for relaxation. Viewpoints with benches offer views over moors and lakes to a spectacular Alpine backdrop. Paddocks and farm areas are assigned to the agricultural wing. Native trees and horticultural elements such as espaliered fruit trees, an artistically designed fountain and a farm garden create an attractive environment for visitors and residents of the farmstead.

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Planning offices

BEM Burkhardt | Engelmayer | Mendel

Jasmin Grubwinkler, Dipl.-Ing. LA, BYAK
Mathias Rauh, Dipl.-Ing. LA, BYAK

Other planning stakeholders
Florian Nagler Architekten
Weismann GmbH (Garten- und Landschaftsbau)

Project period
2014 - 2017

320 ha

Stiftung Nantesbuch für Kunst und Kultur



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Prices & Awards
Bayerischer Landschaftsarchitektur Preis 2020
Kategorie Arbeitsumfeld

Project type
Parks and green spaces