Truderinger Strasse, park and playground Truderinger Street Munich

Lageplan © BEM

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Spielplatz mit Bestandsbeäumen © BEM

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Spielplatz © BEM

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Lageplan © BEM

Spielplatz mit Bestandsbeäumen © BEM

Spielplatz © BEM

The former fallow land in the center of Trudering was taken into use as a public green and compensation area. Valuable tree population forms the core area of the compensation areas.
The new use was embedded thereby and serves above all the leisure activities of the residents*innen. Framed between buildings, gardens and tree groves, the area lies in a protected, green environment. A generous, curved footpath leads to the green space and closes the gap in the network of paths between Michael-Seidl-, Truderinger- and Wasserburger Landstraße.
The central element is a large playground with four areas for small (up to 3 years) and larger children (up to 12 years). Different playground equipment stimulates a variety of activities and promotes social contacts, sensory experience and personality development. The rectangular sand and trickle areas are staggered next to each other in the greenery and are connected by paved or water-bound paths. Linear hedges, cover shrub plantings and wall elements further structure the play area. Seating options in the sun as well as in the shade of the trees increase the quality of stay.
A large open meadow in the north offers space for romping and bolting. Native deciduous trees provide shade and contribute to a good microclimate. The compensation areas receive a grove-like planting, whose dense tree placement dissolves towards the public green space and creates a natural, informal atmosphere.

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Planning offices

BEM Burkhardt | Engelmayer | Mendel

Oliver Engelmayer, Dipl.-Ing. LA, BYAK
Martin Spiekermann, Dipl.-Ing. Landespflege

Project period
2015 - 2020

4,8 ha

BHB Bauträger GmbH Bayern

Truderinger Strasse

Project type
Parks and green spaces
Playgrounds, e.g. at childcare centers and schools