Day care center Königshorster Straße

© Lichtschwärmer - Christo Libuda

© Lichtschwärmer - Christo Libuda

The daycare center in Königshorster Straße is located in the Märkisches Viertel district, close to Senftenberger Ring. The urban environment of the new daycare center is characterized by high-rise buildings, generous public open spaces and outdoor facilities for public use, the nearby district center and the adjacent Thomas Mann secondary school. To the north, the site is tangent to an extensive recreational area with green spaces and water. Despite its location in the center of the large housing estate, the property is secluded and idyllic in a park-like setting.

Flowing around the building in a westerly and southerly direction is an open space that can be used for play activities, which in its structure refers to the building and with various play and planting areas, different surfaces and natural materials forms an interesting open space for children of preschool age. The building is surrounded by a large terrace, which is a connecting element for all play areas. The entrance areas for the daycare building and the garden are located on the east side of the building. Bicycle parking spaces and parking spaces for handicapped persons are provided here. On the north side, a garbage pergola with equipment storage is located in the service yard. The garden area was slightly modeled in its height ratios and divided into three different play areas: a play area for children "Over 3 years" (Ü3) with a climbing structure on a hill, an area for children "Under 3 years" (U3) in the southern part of the open space with a sand area and a community play area with a sand building site and corresponding intermediate area.

The area was planted in the northern delivery area by a long flowering hedge. Seven small-crowned woody plants frame the play areas. Three amber trees were planted in the northern portion of the open space. The community play area is separated from the sand play area for the U3 children by a planting of grasses. The vegetation area can optionally be supplemented with community planting areas, in the sense of an educational garden. The daycare center is delineated from the adjacent school to the south by a hedge cabinet of ball willows that can be used for hide-and-seek play. A lawn to the west of the gathering area is used for free play.

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Planning offices

LA.BAR Landscape Architects bdla

Eike Richter, Maria Möser, Julian Engmann

Other planning stakeholders
KSV Krüger Schuberth Vandreike Planung und Kommunikation GmbH

Project period
2015 - 2020

2865 m²

Construction amount
395.000 EUR

Kindertagesstätten Nordwest, Eigenbetrieb von Berlin

Königshorster Straße 8a
13435 Berlin