TECHNOPARK MORDOVIA Saransk (RU) 2008 - Expert opinion

Städtebauliches Konzept TechnoPark und Wasserstadt © 2008 Felix Holzapfel-Herziger L+

Städtebauliches Konzept TechnoPark und Wasserstadt © 2008 Felix Holzapfel-Herziger L+

The settlement of the Insar floodplain is divided into the two settlement bodies TechnoPark in the north and Wasserstadt in the south. Between the new settlements, a landscape gap is created with the reactivated old river channel and extensive use of open space. In contrast to this, the waterfront of the Wasserstadt facing the old town will have an urban design with a promenade, various staircases, squares and activity areas; this is where the town will step up to the river Insar for the first time. For the areas west of the Insar, a use as a sports and leisure park is proposed.

In cooperation with:

Office Stefan Scholz Generalplanung (Hamburg)
Machleidt Partner Büro für Städtebau (Berlin)
Körting Ingenieure GmbH (Hamburg)

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Planning offices

L+ Landschaftsarchitektur

Project period
2008 - 2008

Tekhnopark-mordoviya, Innovatsionno-tekhnologicheskiy Tsentr, ul. Lodygina A.N., 3
430034 Saransk

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Project type
Parks and green spaces
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas
Traffic facilities
Tourism development and recreation planning
Urban, open space development concepts
Regional development concepts