Private garden, Tutzing

© Harry Dobrzanski

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© Harry Dobrzanski

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© Harry Dobrzanski

© Harry Dobrzanski

With plateaus on different levels, which are connected by lawn steps, the private garden on a slope visually blends into the surrounding landscape and is a versatile space for the residents.

The plot of land on which the house with the garden is located is steeply sloping and has a total height difference of 10.00 m. The terrain is modelled as a lawn stepped slope with two high plateaus. The terrain is modelled as a stepped lawn slope with two high plateaus. The sensitive handling of the slope, which is typical for the area, as well as the free arrangement of the trees allow the property to merge with its surroundings and thus make the property appear more spacious. As a contrast to the soft, natural forms of the slope, white concrete walls accentuate the edges and plateaus in correspondence with the building figure of the house.

Appreciation in the special prize home gardenGerman Landscape Architecture Award 2009

Jury verdict: A garden on a steep slope, often enough theme in garden design, is here cleverly solved with the means of small wall walls and a curved ground modeling. As a result, the slope does not appear terraced, but rather reminiscent of the pasture hills with their stepping paths, which are typical in the area surrounding the property.

The routing is structured by well-proportioned staircases and skilfully opens up the individual levels of the property. In the choice of materials and colour, the idea of the white building cube is continued and repeated in spatial and surface elements. The design is striking for its relaxed, unpretentious approach to the task.

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German Landscape Architecture Award 2009
Appreciation in the special prize home garden

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