Green Centre Saalfeld

Vogelperspektive © 2011 Michael Miltzow

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Blick zum Seniorenheim © 2011 Michael Miltzow

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Detail Trinkbrunnen © 2011 Michael Miltzow

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Vogelperspektive © 2011 Michael Miltzow

Blick zum Seniorenheim © 2011 Michael Miltzow

Detail Trinkbrunnen © 2011 Michael Miltzow

As a "neighbourhood square", the "Grüne Mitte" meets the different requirements of the surrounding buildings and the urban district due to its clear design and multifunctional usable areas. Three organically shaped, vegetatively determined and flatly arched elements lie as a green heart in the center of the strip-shaped, paved square area.
Strips of natural stone pavers in different widths alternate with water-bound surfaces. Areas that are subject to permanent heavy use due to path relationships or possible events are paved with natural stone, all other areas that are subject to weaker, temporary use are developed with a dark gray water-bound path surface. The free, organic form of the vegetation areas creates a self-confident contrast to the strict stripe pattern.

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Planning offices

plandrei Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

Karin Schrawattke, Stefan Dittrich, Matthias Luz

Project period
2007 - 2010

3.000 m2

Construction amount
355.000 EUR

Stadt Saalfeld / Saale
vertreten durch Herrn Bürgermeister Matthias Graul

Gruene Mitte
07318 Saalfeld

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Project type
Parks and green spaces
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas