Dresdner Standard - Design manual for public spaces

Übersichtslageplan der Raumtypen Dresden © 2011 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

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Übersichtslageplan der Raumtypen Dresden © 2011 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

The public space of the city of Dresden is currently characterized by a great variety of surfaces, furnishing elements and design principles. As in other comparable cities, there has been an almost unmanageable diversification of open space elements, particularly in recent decades, with all the negative effects this has had on the cityscape. In order to counteract the trend towards the interchangeability and irrelevance of Dresden's cityscape, fundamental design guidelines were formulated. To this end, qualities typical of the city were shown and worked out on a site-specific basis.

To systematize these qualities, homogeneous units in terms of time and/or space (e.g. "Gründerzeit", "Äußere Neustadt", "Komplexer Wohnungsbau") were analysed and typologically summarized on the basis of reference locations.

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Gestaltungshandbuch (April 2006)

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Informationsbroschüre Gestaltungshandbuch (Dezember 2007)

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Gestaltungshandbuch öffentlicher Raum - "Dresdner Standard" auf www.dresden.de

Planning offices

Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

Angela Aurin, Ulrike Zänker

Project period
2003 - 2012

Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Stadtplanungsamt



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Project type
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas
Traffic facilities
Urban, open space development concepts