Inner courtyard Lange Straße, Greifswald

Lange Straße © Geert Maciejewski Planung Morgenstern, Greifswald

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Lange Straße © Geert Maciejewski Planung Morgenstern, Greifswald

Redesign of a residential courtyard in the old town of Greifswald, which was built around 1980 in connection with the construction of new apartments.

The initial situation was a courtyard completely paved with in-situ concrete on an unsound foundation. With the redesign, the narrow courtyard could be upgraded with little equipment and planting, while maintaining the trafficability, so that it is gladly accepted by employees and residents for spending time outdoors.

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Planning offices

Planung Morgenstern

Project period

Wohnungsbau- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH Greifswald

Lange Straße 70
17489 Greifswald

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