National Garden Show Luckau

Landesgartenschau Luckau © Torsten Geiger Eckebrecht Landschaftsarchitektur

Landesgartenschau Luckau © Torsten Geiger Eckebrecht Landschaftsarchitektur

With the national horticultural show the historical old part of town, surrounded by a reorganized city wall and the circulating city ditch, was linked with the park part at the castle mountain in the north and the new city park in the south of the city.
This means that the horticultural show did not only take place in the new green and park plants, but also in the historically important small city.

In the new city park, the parts of the park directly associated with the development were intensively furnished and designed more and more extensively towards the south, in order to create the transitions to the open landscape without contours and as a matter of course.
For the first time, an attempt was made to integrate privately used gardens along the city wall into the exhibition.

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